Can my purchased jewellery be delivered today?

We will do all we can to try and help. Please call us on +370 647 15509 with your enquiries, so we can discuss all options.


Can I visit your workshop and view the jewellery pieces?

Yes. AUSTE jewelleryhas a little workshop based in Central Vilnius. To arrange this please call us on +370 647 15509.


Do you offer a bespoke service?

Yes. You can order wedding and engagement rings, one-off jewellery pieces, corporate gifts etc. Read more about it under “BESPOKE” or contact us so we can provide comprehensive consultation.  


Are the products pictured actual size?

Because computer monitors vary in size, it is impossible to show an actual size image on the Internet. We do however provide meticulous measurements.


Can I order from overseas?

Yes. Either place your order online, call us on +370 647 15509 or email at info@austejewellery.com


Will my item be boxed?

Yes. Each piece of AUSTE jewellery will be delivered in its own gift box with the AUSTE jewellery logo. 


Do you do wedding or engagement rings?

Yes. You can order personalized wedding or engaggement rings. Fell free to contact us. No question is too small or too big.


I own a shop and want to sell products of AUSTE jewelry. How can I do so?

Please contact us and we will provide all details as soon as possible.