AUSTE jewellery is a jewellery brand run by Auste Arlauskaite, a young and ambitious designer of jewellery and luxury goods.

Auste first gained professional knowledge while studying for her master’s degree in Jewellery and Metal Design at Vilnius Art Academy. She continued her studies on the Artist in Residence programme at the Edinburgh College of Art, where she also taught jewellery design students.


Auste Arlauskaite


Auste considers her greatest learning experience to be her time spent working with Hamilton & Inches, one of the UK's leading luxury goods companies.

Soon after starting at Hamilton & Inches she was promoted to Senior Jewellery and Silverware Designer. It was an immense professional challenge as she worked on a very wide range of design projects. These included designing fine jewellery pieces and creating visualisations and technical drawings of silver goods, including: luxury candelabra; elaborate tableware and intricate awards.

Auste still maintains a strong working relationship with Hamilton & Inches and creates jewellery designs for other GB and USA companies.



„It’s really exiting to work as a jeweller at the moment as this ancient craft meets modern technologies like lasers, CAD design software and 3D printers. My ability to use these technologies to design and produce unique pieces allows me to create exciting new forms with an exquisite finish quality.“



Dirbiniai Auste jewellery


Thanks to this synthesis of traditional and modern technologies, AUSTE jewellery pieces are original and innovative. Beauty, quality and practicality go hand-in-hand in each piece. ‘A piece of jewellery is worth nothing if the owner has no desire to wear it. I always strive to create pieces that are comfortable to wear. "A piece of jewellery should fit the individual and not the other way round. I don't compromise on quality aswell".