About bespoke jewellery

A bespoke piece of jewellery is one of a kind: a piece made from a personalised design with true meaning and value. We can work with you to create your own unique piece. Such pieces often become an integral part of our customers’ personal style - a good-luck charm or even a family heirloom.  Our work gives us great satisfaction.

How to order

By placing a bespoke order you will not only have a unique piece of jewellery - you will also play an active role in the design and manufacturing process. To place an order and discuss your ideas, please contact call us or email. Making quality pieces takes time. Please remember to give us enough time to fulfil your order.

+370 647 15509 /  info@austejewellery.com.

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Individualus uzsakymas Auste jewellery


Order fulfilment

Once we agree on the details we’ll start the creative process.
We select the best ideas and prepare up to three designs for you to choose from. 
The production process starts as soon as you choose your favourite design. We’ll ask you to sign a contract and pay a 40% deposit.
Manufactured pieces are packed and ready to present to you.
After the final payment your bespoke jewellery pieces are handed over to you.

*All finished pieces are marked with the AUSTE jewellery logo and are then hallmarked at the Lithuanian Assay Office.

*Pieces made with high value precious stones and that were made using complex technologies are valued by qualified jewellery valuers in London, UK and come with a value certificate in English.